The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the Govt. of India aims to make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through Common Service Centers(CSCs) and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man. One of the goals of the Government to meet this vision is the need to cooperate, collaborate and integrate information across different departments in the Centre, States and Local Government. The State e-Governance Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG), a core component in e-Governance infrastructure under the NeGP, can simplify this task by acting as a standards-based messaging switch and providing seamless interoperability and exchange of data across.

Implementation of “State Portal, State Service Delivery Gateway and Electronic Forms” Scheme in Tamil Nadu

Project Overview

Government of Tamil Nadu desires to create an integrated information infrastructure that will expand, integrate and enhance the utility and reach of the services provided by the Government by utilizing the network of the Common Service Centres. DIT has already empanelled five implementing agencies through a central empanelment process. The State will select one of the implementing agencies among these five empanelled agencies and entrust the implementation of the project. These implementing agencies will be responsible for implementing the project in the State.

SSDG Conceptual Architecture

Project Components

The basic components of the project are as follows:

  • State Portal and Content Management System(CMS)
  • Electronic forms
  • State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) Stack
  • Training and Manpower for SSDG, State Portal , CMS, e forms and Gap Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure requirements for State Portal
  • Computing Infrastructure at the destination offices including gaps in connectivity
  • Compliance/Certification by STQC

Stake Holders

  • Department of Information Technology
  • State Nodal Agency
  • State Departments
  • National Informatics Center
  • Center for Development and Advanced Computing (CDAC)
  • Content Service Provider (CSP)
  • Implementing Agency (IA)
  • STQC
  • Consultant

Project Consultants

M/s Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited have been appointed as Consultants to assist the State Government in the following activities:

  1. Preparation of a Detailed Project Report to identify the Infrastructure Gap in the respective line departments and to carry out an AS-IS study of the process involved in delivering services identified under the project
  2. Preparation of Request for Proposal to select an Implementing Agency
  3. Assist the State in Bid Process Management
  4. Project Monitoring

Project Outlay

Government of India has sanctioned Rs.16.13 crores towards implementation of the Tamil Nadu State Portal, TNSSDDG and Electronic forms.

Current Status

  • National Informatics Center, Tamil Nadu has been entrusted with the work of development of State Portal and Content Management System
  • State Project Committee to oversee the implementation of the SSDG projects constituted in GO Ms No.7, IT Dept dated 09.03.2010
  • The SPC meeting was held on 15.04.2010 and the RFP for selection of Implementing Agency approved by the SPC, RFP has been circulated to empanelled agencies on 07.05.2010
  • Pre Bid meeting with empanelled agencies held on 18.05.2010
  • Technical Evaluation of eligible bidders done by Technical committee
  • Price bids have been opened and negotiation initiated with L1 bidder for best prices and best value to the project

Progress Report on State Portal and SSDG Implementation

State Nodal Agency : M/s. Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency
SSDG Consultants : M/s. Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited
Pre Project Initiation Phase
S.No Description of Activity Agency Involved  Completion Date
1 Budgetary Proposal sent to DIT TNeGA 13.03.2009
2 Administrative Approval from GoI DIT 30.03.2009
3 Approval  on Services / Budget / Empanelled Implementing Agencies DIT 16.04.2009
4 Workshop on Project Implementation TNeGA/NIC/IL&FS 11.05.2009
5 Communication on Empanelled Agencies for Selection of Consultants DIT 03.07.2009
6 Communication on Primary / Secondary choice of Consultants sent to DIT TNeGA 15.07.2009
7 Confirmation  on primary Choice on Engagement of Consultant  DIT 16.07.2009
8 Orders from GoTN appointing TNeGA as Nodal Agency GoTN 06.08.2009


 Project Initiation Phase
S.No Description of Activity Agency Involved  Completion Date
Phase I - Preparation of Detailed Project Report
1 Engagement of Consultant TNeGA 24.08.2009
2 Communication from TNeGA to the identified departments TNeGA 05.09.2009
3 e-form proof of concept presentation/workshop DIT/TNeGA/NIC/Cdac/IL&FS/Wipro 10.09.2009
4 Execution of Project Engagement Agreement TNeGA/IL&FS 15.09.2009
5 Inception Report IL&FS 06.10.2009
6 Infrastructure Gap Analysis of Eleven Departments IL&FS 07.11.2009
7 Process Mapping of Services Identified IL&FS 09.11.2009
8 Functional Requirement Specifications IL&FS 10.11.2009
9 Functional Requirement Specifications- Inputs from NIC on State Portal NIC 12.11.2009
10 e-form proof of concept - VC DIT/TNeGA/NIC/Cdac/IL&FS/Wipro 16.11.2009
11 Sign-off from respective Departments on Gap Analysis & Process Mapping IL&FS/Line Departments 18.11.2009
12 Detailed Project Report  IL&FS 18.11.2009
Phase II - Preparation of Draft RFP and required Approvals
13 Bill of Materials - Gap Infrastructure, SSDG, State Portal IL&FS/Cdac/NIC 30.11.2009
14 Draft Request for Proposal  IL&FS 01.12.2009
15 Circulation of Draft RFP to NIC TNeGA 01.12.2009
16 Engagement of NIC for State Portal Development TNeGA 02.12.2009
17 Inputs / Feedback from NIC NIC 09.12.2009
18 Training / Workshop on e -forms Cdac / NIC 08/09.12.2009
19 Review by TNeGA TNeGA 14.12.2009
20 Finalization of RFP TNeGA 18.12.2009
21 RFP  forwarded to DIT for Approval TNeGA 21.12.2009
22 Communication from DIT on Formation of State Project Committee DIT 24.12.2009
23 Draft GO sent to IT Secretary for Approval and Issuance TNeGA 06.01.2010
24 Draft RFP Circulated to eleven Line Departments TNeGA / Consultant 19.02.2010
25 Proposal from NIC for design & development of State Portal & CMS NIC 02.03.2010
26 Formation of State Project Committee GoTN 09.03.2010
27 Nodal Officers Workshop TNeGA/Consultant 07.04.2010
28 SPC meeting for Approval of RFP TNeGA / SPC 15.04.2010
29 Approval of SPC Minutes for Issue of RFP State Project Committee 15.04.2010
Phase III - Selection of Implementing Agencies
30 Issuance of RFP TNeGA 07.05.2010
31 Pre-Bid Meeting TNeGA 18.05.2010
32 Issue of Corrigendum 1 based on Pre-Bid Meeting TNeGA 27.05.2010
33 Issue of Corrigendum 2  TNeGA 28.05.2010
34 Last Date for Submission of Tender Empanelled Implementing Agencies 14.06.2010
35 Technical Presentation Bidders / NIC / CDAC / TNeGA / Consultant 30.06.2010
36 Technical Bid Evaluation NIC / CDAC / TNeGA / Consultant (IL&FS) 30.06.2010
37 Commercial Bid Opening & Bid Results Bidders/TNeGA/Consultant (IL&FS) 02.07.2010


State Portal & Content Management System - Progress
1 Proposal from NIC for Design & Development of State Portal & CMS NIC 02.03.2010
2 Issue of work order for State Portal & CMS TNeGA 11.03.2010
3 Transfer of Funds to NIC TNeGA 11.03.2010
4 State Portal Demo NIC 10.06.2010
5 State Portal completion of testing STQC 1.02.2012


 List of Departments and Services Identified for Tamil Nadu

Selection of Content Service Provider
1 Issue of RFP for Selection of CSP for NP & State CSP TNeGA 28.02.2010
2 Pre-Bid Meeting TNeGA 10.03.2010
3 Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting TNeGA 15.03.2010
4 Issue of Corrigendum 1 TNeGA 18.03.2010
5 Issue of Corrigendum 2 TNeGA 24.03.2010
6 Last Date for submission of Bids Bidders 26.03.2010
7 Opening of Technical Bids TNeGA 26.03.2010
8 Technical Evaluation Consultant / TNeGA 22.04.2010
9 Presentation to Evaluation Committee Bidders 23.04.2010
10 Technical Evaluation scores sent to NIC TNeGA 05.05.2010
11 Final Approval from Technical Committee Technical Committtee 18.05.2010
12 Opening of Price Bids TNeGA/Consultant /Bidders 19.05.2010
13 Tender Results Published TNeGA 21.05.2010
14 Confirmation from L2 & L4 matching L1 for State Portal quotes Bidders 24.05.2010
15 Execution of Agreement between State and CSP TNeGA / Onward eServices Limited 06.09.2010


Phase IV - Impelemtation Phase Deliverables
1 Provided in puts on process mapping, DPR and other documents and shared the same with the IA. IL&FS 10.11.2010
2 Comments on the SRS prepared by the IA given to State Nodal Agency IL&FS 8.11.2010
3 Integration of services with SSDG review meetings. 1st meeting held TNeGA/NIC/Cdac/IA/IL&FS 10.11.2010
4 Assisted the IA in developing module for State Level Work shop on SSDG IL&FS 16.11.2010
5 Integration of services with SSDG review meetings. 2nd meeting held TNeGA/NIC/Cdac/IA/IL&FS 6.12.2010 & 8.12.2010
6 Letter of Indent for SSDG/SP hardware requirement TNeGA 16.12.2010
7 SSDG feedback form on Consultancy sent to DIT TNeGA 3.1.2011
8 Review of end to end testing of one service Cdac/TNeGA/NIC 19.1.2011
9 SRS of IA approved by TNeGA TNeGA 24.1.2011
10 Deputing one Scientist from Cdac to NIC for sorting out installation issues of SSDG stack Cdac/TNeGA/NIC 24.1.2011
11 Integration issues regarding Civil Supplies Review TNeGA/IA/IL&FS/Onward eServices 28.1.2011
12 MSA signed between IA /State/TNeGA TNeGA/IA 28.2.2011
13 Letter of support to IA pending signing of MSA TNeGA 1.3.2011
14 Involved in the development of training module of the IA at the District level. Trichy district workshop held IL&FS/Wipro 1st to 3rd April, 2011
15 TNSDC and SSDG integration review TNeGA/ELCOT/NIC/Wipro/PWC 18.3.2011 & 1.4.2011
16 Submission of STQC testing proposals STQC 5.4.2011
17 Software requirement for State Portal Purchase order issued TNeGA 3.6.2011
18 STQC Testing proposals approved TNeGA 14.6.2011
19 Hardware installation report validated in respect of Racks, witches and Monitors IL&FS/IA 22.6.2011
20 Proposals sent to Government for data conversion, font conversion issues of Civil Supplies Department in two districts approved by State Planning Commission TNeGA 23.6.2011
21 SSDG Status review TNeGA with Stake holders 30.6.2011
22 SSDG Status review TNeGA with Stake holders 26.7.2011
23 State Portal Review by Apex Committee Chief Secretary 23.02.2012


1 Letter of Acceptance (LoA Issuance) 04-Sep-2010  
2 Execution of Agreement (MSA) 25-Feb-2011  
3 Project Kickoff Meeting 13-Sep-2010  
4 Assessment and validation of physical infrastructure assets at SDC / SWAN PoC and Gap Infrastructure details from the point of view of installation of IT hardware for Portal and SSDG 28-Oct-2010  
5 Supply of hardware (servers & PCs), system software, peripherals and other accessories to the State HQs & customer premises   Supply of servers to SDC completed
6 Sign off on SRS 5-Nov-2010  
7 Conversion of Physical forms to eForms 25-Nov-2010 35 standalone e-Forms are developed
8 Application Development of eForms (Total Identified Departments - 11; Total Identified Services-53; Services under e-District-11; Services planned for Go-Live-3)   35 standalone forms developed.
  Integration Phase 1 - e-District Services of NIC (10 services)   Integration completed for 10 services
  Integration Phase 2 - Other Services of NIC   11 services planned
9 Site survey for Gap Infra installation 22-Mar-2011  
10 Installation of Infrastructure at State Headquarters 22-June-2011 Signed off by NIC and CDAC
11 Installation and commissioning of hardware, system software, peripherals and other accessories   Awaiting PO for supply of Gap Infrastrucutre
12 Network – Broad Band connectivity for all locations    
13 Security Implementation   STQC has completed security audit on staging environment
14 Design documentation and manuals for end users   Completed by Wipro & NIC
15 Development of State Portal by NIC 1-Feb-2012 STQC has completed functional and security testing on State Portal and CMS
16 Integration with State Portal 1-Feb-2012  
17 Trial Run, Test Run , User Acceptance Test    
18 QC feedback incorporation and re-certification, if required    
19 Quality Certification (STQC)   Functional and Security testing completed for, State Portal, CMS,e-Forms(10 services)
20 Go-Live    
State Portal   To be decided after load testing
SSDG   The production environment to be load tested by STQC.
21 Trainings - Capacity Building   Trainings completed for 3500+ employees

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