The Government has approved the Capacity Building (CB) Scheme for taking NeGP forward across the country in all the States & UTs. The CB Scheme is mainly for provisioning technical & professional support to State level policy & decision-making bodies to develop specialized skills for e-Governance.

The CB Scheme will support Capacity Building through various means such as engaging experts, developing skills and imparting training and supporting the creation of State e-Governance Mission Teams (SeMT) and Project e-Governance Mission Teams (PeMT).

At the Program level, a State - Governance Mission Team (SeMT) has been proposed to support the State decision-making bodies and respective Apex Committee. This team would be responsible for undertaking the groundwork for providing for an overall direction, standardization and consistency through program management of the e–Governance initiatives in the State. All interdependencies, overlaps, conflicts, standards, overarching architecture, security, etc. across projects as well as core and support infrastructure shared across several projects would fall under the purview of this group.

Capacity Building at State Level (SeMT) typically under the Secretary (IT) or any other secretary nominated by the State government would inter alia support the Apex Committee. This team may currently be supported by a skeletal staff and / or the State unit of NIC.

SeMTs are set up in each State headed by a Principal Consultant / Head – SeMT. There are four major functions under him / her.

  1. Program Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Technology Management
  4. Change Management

Core Functions of SeMT

The core functions of SeMT are as follows:

  1. Program management at State/UT level
  2. Provide overall direction, ensure standardization and consistency for integration
  3. Undertake strategy planning
  4. Provide project consultancy
  5. Provide Project Development support and guidance to PeMTs

Need for SeMT

The State e-Mission Team (SeMT) is formed for the following reasons.

  1. Success of NeGP heavily dependent on States
  2. Significant capacity gaps existed within State governments
  3. Need to manage the entire program at the State level in a coherent manner with consistent strategies for integration and resource optimisation

Roles & Responsibilities of SeMT

Program Management

Program Management team will manage the implementation of NeGP and provide support to the State government for the implementation of NeGP in the State. This team will support the Head of SeMT in monitoring the progress on NeGP and if needed, provide inputs to the State Apex Committee for effective decision making.

Financial Management

Financial Management team will provide support to the State departments in establishing suitable Financial Management processes (Viability, Costing, Accounting and Budgeting & Monitoring) for the e – Governance projects. This team is also responsible for providing support to the State government departments in matters related to PPP, contracts, vendor management and other related activities.

Technology Management

Technology Management team will assist the Head SeMT and support the State departments on technological issues related to MMPs and other e – Governance projects. They are also responsible for technological appraisal of project reports received from state departments.

Change Management

Change management team will direct the implementation of Capacity Building scheme in the State as well as assist the State Departments in carrying out Business Process Transformation exercises entailing efficiency improvements for the e – Governance projects.

SeMT Team

S.No Name Designation Projects LinkedIn Profile
1 Mr. Pandian Ranganathan Head – SeMT Projects
2 Mr.Shivakumar Mahalingam Senior Consultant Technology Management
3 Mr. Ramanjaneyalu Ravipati Senior Consultant Technology Management
4 Mr. Vidhya Shankar Consultant Technology Management

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