Scheme Background

e-District is one of the  State  Mission Mode Projects under National eGovernance Plan, which aims at electronic delivery of identified high volume of citizen centric services through Common Service Centers (CSCs), by leveraging the common infrastructure of TNSWAN, SDC, and SSDG.
Tamil Nadu is one of the State Chosen for Pilot implementation of e-District Project. 
e-District has been envisaged by Government of Tamil Nadu as an automation of workflow and internal processes of District Administration with the possibility of seamless integration of various departments for providing services to the citizens. This project is of paramount importance to the State as it would help in creating an automated workflow system for the district administration and help in providing efficient department services through Common Service Centres (CSCs), the primary front end channels envisaged under the NeGP programme by Department of Electronic and Information Technology (DeITY), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India (GoI).

Project Objective

The broad objectives of the project include

  1. IT enablement of internal processes of district administration and subordinate offices to increase functional efficiency
  2. Automation of workflow and internal processes of district administration
  3. Seamless integration of the departments for providing services to the citizens - by integrating various District databases
  4. Infusion of transparency and accountability in operations
  5. Reduction of workload of officials involved in service delivery
  6. Develop mechanism for maintaining of the departmental electronic database
  7. To enable easier access to government services and dissemination of information required by the citizens
  8. Creation of IT infrastructure for rolling out e-Governance plan up to the Taluk levels
  9. To provide self-sustainable operational model extending Taluk levels with zero-down failure risk
  10. Capacity building to empower employees to own and operate the IT enabled Systems with confidence
  11. To enable the District Collector to carry out tasks with far more efficiency and ensure that the various Departments under him are working optimal

Scope of work

The scope of the program is to cover maximum G2C and G2G/E services provided in the district through the use of Information Communication Technology, the services in the district which are delivered through Taluk level are brought under the ambit of e-District.

Pilot Districts

The  following 6 districts were identified as pilot  e-District.

  1. Krishnagiri
  2. Coimbatore
  3. Thiruvarur
  4. Ariyalur
  5. Perambalur
  6. The Nilgiris

Subsequently the e-District project has been implemented successfully in all the districts with effect from 24th February 2014.

Selection of System Integrator for eDistrict rollout:-

M/s. CMS Computers Ld., System Integrator for eDistrict rollout has been chosen through tender process and Letter of Acceptance was awarded to M/s.CMS Computers Ld., 

Scope of System Integrator:-

To design and develop eDistrict suite with 92 services along with CSC management module which will become as centralized management module of for all Service Centre Agencies.
Apart from 92 services under the scope of SI, New Services are also being identified in consultation with Government Departments.

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