Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirapalli is going to support TNeGA on impact assessment of various departments’ interventions using advanced Data Analytics. 

  1. Support and collaborate on research pertaining to analytics and emerging technologies namely Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence among others for various Tamil Nadu government agencies.
  2. To conduct technology readiness, impact assessment, and impact evaluation for government policies, projects, and schemes.
  3. Training and certification programs on emerging technologies for senior executives in various Tamil Nadu government departments.
  4. Capacity Building in the areas of aforementioned emerging technologies for the Tamil Nadu Government.
  5. To conduct workshops on regular intervals involving students in the areas of aforementioned emerging technologies.
  6. To conduct CSR studies and its impact related to various government as well as non-government agencies.
  7. To undertake projects such as smart/digital village initiatives to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural inhabitants.

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