Mission : Helping people through Technology.

We invite volunteers who are passionate about technology and would like to contribute to our #DigiVolunteer initiative.

Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) is implementing various e-Governance projects with the objective of making all Government services, wherever feasible & accessible to the common man in an efficient and transparent manner.

TNeGA is engaged with the Centre of Excellence in Emerging Technologies (CEET), with the vision to bridge the knowledge gap between development and application of emerging technologies in Government Departments. It has projects on Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, Drones, Data Analytics, AR/VR, etc.

We invite software professionals to work on the live projects including Face Recognition System, Agriculture, Chat Bot, Blockchain, Health, Drone as a Service, Drinking Water Monitoring System etc.

We have multiple options for volunteers to work with TNeGA.
1 Full Time / Part Time Donate 3 months/6 months/One year on any one of our projects.
2 Fellowship programs Join as a TNeGA fellowship with paid remuneration.
2 Social Media Wing Join our Social Media wing to contribute to our official pages. Credits will be given. (Content, Articles, Promotions, Videos, Data etc)
Join our "#DigiVolunteers" initiative & be a part of Digital Transformation in Governance.
Please share the link to your friends who are interested in joining the group - https://kaiza.la/public/TNeGADigiVolunteers.

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Interested to work with TNeGA on any one of these projects

1. Programming Language
2. Databases
3. Blockchain
4. Cyber Security
5. Data Analytics
6. Web Development
7. Mobile Application
8. UI/UX Design
9. Project Management
10. Technical Documentation
11. Testing
12. InternetofThings
13. Drones
14.AI / ML
Computer Vision
15. GIS
16. Hardware
17. Embedded System

Domain Skills

Hours you can spend (Mention Day & Timings)