Blockchain Backbone

Tamil Nadu Blockchain Backbone – Nambikkai Inaiyam

Blockchain Backbone

TNeGA aims to setup and maintain a state-wide blockchain infrastructure that can be leveraged by all Government departments and agencies, public sector enterprises and others 

This blockchain will be used by qualifying parties to build transparent, efficient and secure citizen-centric and inter-organizational workflows. Enterprise-grade G2G and G2C products and services will be implemented using this infrastructure. It will also be used to augment legacy platforms and existing IT infrastructure by providing an immutable hash-encrypted ledger with zero down-time. It will extend processes and modules to existing government workflows and make them more secure, efficient and transparent. It can also be used to completely overhaul existing government processes and create new more reliable and secure workflows. It will be a single platform that can be used for developing and deploying blockchain applications for all departments and public sector enterprises within the state.

This platform will be called Nambikkai Inaiyam (NI) which roughly translates to ‘Trust Link’ in Tamil. This platform will enable the government of Tamil Nadu to establish a single trusted source of truth that will be used to create an efficient fraud resilient system for government processes. Such a system will directly benefit all citizens of Tamil Nadu.

The platform will be hosted on a hybrid infrastructure. Nodes can be either on a private cloud or State SDC or on-premise. The NI platform will also function as a Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) provider to Government departments and Public sector organizations, agencies and companies. Organizations that do not want the custody or overhead of hosting a node can access the blockchain through an API Gateway. NI will include a secure infrastructure consisting of blockchain cores, a business logic layer and client API gateways.