Cloud Based Asset Management System

Cloud Based Asset Management System is implemented for

  • 1. Detailed categorization of IT and Non-IT asset
  • 2. Capture of assets details including mandatory parameters such as unique asset id, date of procurement, Vendor Details, Date of expiry of warranty, Date and Location of installation, official in-charge with contact details.
  • 3. Capture of log of movements, re-installations, repairs, scheduled /unscheduled, maintenance, incidences (theft/accidents/mishandling, etc) and costs.
  • 4. Provision to capture inspection and audit remarks with capture of images and logging of observations with action points.
  • 5. Provision to record standards, guidelines, quality compliance to refer for future procurement.
Cloud Based Asset Management

Asset Management Application


  • 1. To manage IT and Non-IT assets
  • 2. For asset inventory & tagging services
  • 3. To maintain asset data
  • 4. To provide standardized descriptions
  • 5. A separate domain name, has been obtained and hosted at Tamil Nadu State Data Centre, Perungudi, Chennai 600096.