TNeGA to create Zero Knowledge Proof based Predictive Services Delivery Platform for all Government Services - Hon'ble CM of Tamil Nadu

In the current scenario of e-Governance, Citizens have to apply for various Government services like certificates, documents, licenses etc to various Government departments and its agencies, either by going over to their offices or through Arasu e‑Sevai Centres or from their homes. Assuming that Citizens are entitled to these services, it is incumbent on any Government to make this interaction between Government and Citizen as hassle-free as possible. With the technology available today, it is possible to ensure that Citizens need not apply for any statutory service, rather Government shall provide it as a predictive service, from birth to death. The application software used for issuing certificates will be suitably modified so that the document issued shall electronically hit the Makkal Number already created by TNeGA for 7 crore people of Tamil Nadu and electronically reach the Citizen Vault to be created for each resident of Tamil Nadu. The resident can view his certificates/documents in his vault using his mobile number as user ID and OTP as password. Right from the Birth Certificate to the Death Certificate and numerous certificates/documents in between issued by various Government Departments/Agencies, a system on Blockchain will prompt the software of each Government Department/Agency to issue the certificate/document as when the Citizen becomes eligible for it. Government Departments/Agencies/Private Employers can with the consent of the applicant can verify the genuinity of his qualifications, electronically. This scheme shall be implemented at a cost of Rs.90.00 Crore.