G.0.(Ms).No.12 dt:24.09.2019
Information Technology Department — Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA)- Implementation of e-Office Application in all Government Departments-orders-issued

G.0.(D).No.30 dt:16.07.2019
Information Technology Department — Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA)- Disaster recovery for Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency projects

G.O.(Ms).No.10 dt:25.07.2019
Information Technology Department- Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA)- Nomination of TNeGA as optional procurement Agency under Section 3(3)


G.O.(D). No.33 dt:19.12.2018
Information Technology Department-3-Tier Structured Committee for e-Governance viz,State e-Governance Apex Committee, e-Governace Steering Commitee and e-Governace Project Implementation Committee

G.O.(Ms).No.23 dt:15.11.2018
Information Technology Department- Creation of a portal "Namadhuarasu.in" to enable common Public to share their views with Government

G.O.(Ms).No.17 dt:05.10.2018
Information Technology Department- Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System- Revised administrative approval at an estimated cost of Rs.2,12,80,000/- towards the implementation of TNGIS

G.O.(2D).No.10 dt:23.08.2018
Information Technology Department- Rollout of e-District Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)- Release of balance State Share of Rs.19.5221 crore under 50:50 funding pattern

G.O.(Ms).No.12 dt:24.07.2018
Information Technology Department- Formation of a Sub-Committee to sustain e-Office system and to support Staff Rationalisation Committee-Orders-Issued

G.O.(2D).No.6 dt:02.05.2018
Information Technology- Capacity Building Phase-II project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) - Release of State Share of Rs.20,74,217/-


G.O.(Ms).No.2 dt:08.03.2017
Information Technology Department - Assured Multi Modal Access to (AMMA) e-Services and Development Mobile Application for Citizen Centric Services


G.O.(Ms).No.3 dt:02.02.2016
IT Dept -'Rolling out of Additional 300 online services through e-Sevai Centres' at an estimated cost of Rs.10 crorers-Sanctioned -Orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.4 dt:22.02.2016
IT Dept- Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA)- Financial sanction for a sum of Rs.1060.24Lakhs towards creation of State Resident Data Hub(SRDH)- Orders- Issued

G.O.(D) No.3 dt:29.02.2016
IT Dept- NeGP- Additional Central Assistance(ACA) sanctioned by Government of India-Release of Rs.539Lakhs to Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency(TNeGA) for Common Service Centre(CSC) Scheme and other Existing Project like e-district in Tamil Nadu- Samctioned- Orders- Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.8 dt:01.07.2016
IT Dept-Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency(TNeGA)- Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System- Financial sanction of Rs.61,40,000 to TNeGA towards the implementation of Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System- Orders - Issued

G.O (Ms) No.10 dt:01.08.2016
IT Dept-Allotment of Register code to Government of Tamil Nadu for Aadhaar by Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) - Appointment of the Directorate of e-Governance / Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency as Registrar for Aadhaar Enrolment in Tamil Nadu-Orders- Issued

G.O.(D) No.25 dt:02.11.2016
IT Dept-Formation of High Level Security Governance Committee and a Technical Committee for Security Governance - Orders -Issued

G.O.(D) No.26 dt:02.11.2016
IT Dept- Formation of State Level Coordination Committee for Common Service Centres(CSCs)- Orders-Issued


G.O.Ms No.1 dt:06.01.2015
IT Dept-Center of Excellence(CoE) for Capacity Building-Financial Sanction of Rs.94

G.O.(D)No.1 dt:04.02.2015
IT Dept Announcement made by Hon'ble Minister(IT)towards implementation of Cloud-based Asset Management -Rs.25lakhs-Sanctioned-Orders-Issued

G.O.(D)No.4 dt:19.02.2015
IT Dept Announcement made by Hon'ble Minister (IT)-Towards implementation of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) week-Rs.9lakhs -Sanctioned-Orders-Issued

G.O.(D)No.5 dt:26.02.2015
IT Dept -Announcement made by Hon'ble Minister (IT)-Towards implementation of e-Governance Awards to Micro,Small and Medium enterprises(MSMEs)-Rs.11.50 lakhs-Sanctioned-Orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms).No.10 dt:01.07.2015
IT Dept-Directorate of e-Governance-Upgradation of one post of Deputy Director(Admin) to that of Joint Director(Admin) as person oriented-Orders-Issued


G.O.(Ms)No.2 dt:24.01.2014
IT Dept-Creation of Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System at a cost of Rs.132.80 lakhs under phase I-Administrative Approval-Orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.3 dt:30.01.2014
IT Dept -TNeGA-inclusion of additional members in the Governing board-Amendment to bye-laws of Tamil Nade e-Governance Agency-orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms)No.4 dt:05.02.2014
IT Dept -Directorate of e-Governance-Creation of Post under Information Technology cadre-sanctioned-orders-Issued

G.O.Ms No.5 dt:28.02.2014
IT Dept -Announcements for the year 2013-2014 implementation of 'SMS Based Service Tracking' facility at a cost of Rs.1,20,50000-Administrative approval-Orders-Issued

G.O.Ms No.66 dt:28.02.2014
Public Depost Account-Public Deposit Account in the name of 'e-Governance initiative Fund' -opened Orders-Issued

G.O.Ms No.13 dt:30.07.2014
IT Dept-Financial Sanction for a sum of Rs.61,40,000 towards the implementation of phase I of Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System-Orders-Issued

G.O.2(D)No.14 dt:03.09.2014
IT Dept -Part II Schemes for the year 2014-2015-online award Monitoring system-an amount of Rs.15 lakhs-Sanctioned-Orders-issued

G.O.2(D)No.17 dt:26.09.2014
IT Dept-Part II schemes for the year 2014-2015-Customer Relationship Maagement(CRM) System-Sanction of Rs.22 lakhs-Orders-Issued

G.O.(D)No.28 dt:26.09.2014
IT Dept -Part II schemes 2014-2015-Online Business Intelligence (BI)solution for Key Performance Indicator(KPI)analysis at Tamil Nadu State Wide Area Networ(TNSWAN) and Tamil Nadu State Data Center(TNSDC)-Sanction of Rs.23,00,000-Orders-Issued

G.O.Ms No.17 dt:19.12.2014
IT Dept-Constitution Of Committee to finalize the e-Governance standard's manual-Orders-Issued


G.O. (Ms) No.3 dt:13.03.2013
IT -Announcement for the year 2012-2013- Re-Designing of Departmental Applications- Guidelines- Orders -Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.8 dt:19.04.2013
IT- Part II Schemes 2013-2014- Purchase of Software and network equipment and software charges and Training for Establishing mobile service delivery platform- Rs.20 Lakhs- Sanctioned-Orders -Issued

G.O. (MS) No.14 dt:23.09.2013
IT Dept- Development and Implementation of Scheme Monitoring Application Software - Orders issued

G.O. (Ms) No.19 dt:21.10.2013
IT Dept- Creation of e-Governance initiative Fund- Orders -Issued

G.O. 2(D) No.42 dt:29.10.2013
IT Dept - Part two schemes - 2013-2014- Establishing Project Information Management System- Rs.22 Lakhs -Sanctioned - Orders -Issued

G.O.Ms No.21 dt:29.11.2013
IT Dept-AADHAAR Enabled Common Residents DataBase-Creation of State Resident Data Hub(SRDH)-Administrative approval-orders-issued

G.O.(Ms) No.22 dt:06.12.2013
IT Dept-e-District Project-State Wide Rollout of e-District Project in remaining 26 districts of the state other than 6 Pilot districts-orders-issued

G.O.(Ms) No.23 dt:06.12.2013
IT Dept-Hon'ble Chief Minister's award for Excellence in e-Governance for Government Depts for the year 2012-2013-Announced-order-issued


G.O. (Ms) No.3 dt:13.03.2013
IT Dept-e-District Project-state wide rollout of e-District Project-formation of District e-Governance societies in all districts of Tamil Nadu-Memorandum of Association and Model Bye Laws for District e-Governance societies-Orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.3 dt:18.01.2012
IT Dept-Chief Minister's award for Excellence in e-Governance for Government departments-orders issued

G.O.(Ms) No.4 dt:30.01.2012
IT Deparment-Announcement for the year 2011-2012-Establishing Citizen Contact Crnter at Chennai-Administrative approval Granted orders-Issued

G.O.(Ms) No.5 dt:30.01.2012
IT Dept-Announcement for the year 2011-2012-Chief Minister's award for Excellence in e-Governance for students-orders issued

G.O. (2D) No.2 dt:15.03.2012
IT -Capacity Building Scheme under National e-Governance Plan(NeGP)- Release of Additional Central Assistance for the years 2007-2008 totaling to Rs.182.30 lakhs -Funds Sanctioned-Orders- Issued

G.O. (Ms) No.6 dt:04.05.2012
IT Dept- Conducting of e-Governance Awarness Campaign at Block level -Orders- Issued

G.O. 2(D) No.4 dt:11.06.2012
IT Dept- Part II Schemes 2012-2013- Provision of Software Repository Tool- Non Recurring expenditure of Rs.17Lakhs- Sanctioned- Orders - Issued

G.O. (2D) No.8 dt:25.10.2012
IT Dept- Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency Hosting of 'Online Demonstrative Services Directory' in the State Portal by Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency- Approved- Orders -Issued

G.O. Ms. No.15 dt:06.12.2012
IT Dept- Announcement for the year 2012-2013- Implementation of e-Learning Content for Government Employees- Administrative approval- Orders- Issued


G.O 2(D) No:22 dt:28.11.2011
IT Dept-Part II Schemes 2011-2012- Faclitating Government services through "Single log on Multiple Delivery Channe Including Common Servies Centres with SMS based status reporting system" by State Portal, State Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG) and e-Forms for two services of Tamil Nadu Civil supplies Departmentin Tiruchirapali and Krishnagiri 7districts-Non Recurring expenditure of Rs.10.20lakhs (Rupees ten lakhs twenty thousand only)- Sanctioned-Orders-Issued


G.O.(Ms) No.31 dt:02.07.2010
IT Dept-Part II schemes for the year 2010-2011-Creation of Standards Geographical Information System(GIS) platform in the state-Sanction of Expenditure Rs.43.50Lakhs-Orders-Issued


G.O.Ms No.4 dt:12.07.2006
Establishment -IT Dept -Officer on special duty for the formation of Directorate of e-Governance -Certain temporary post to the office of the OSD-Financial sanction of Rs.19,36,000/- sanction -Orders-Issued


G.O.Ms No.4 dt:12.07.2006
Establishment -IT Dept -Officer on special duty for the formation of Directorate of e-Governance -Certain temporary post to the office of the OSD-Financial sanction of Rs.19,36,000/- sanction -Orders-Issued